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I have compiled a few resources over the years for graduate students and I wanted to make them available to everyone here! I have my work for different comps as well as advice and resources for aspiring graduate students. Hopefully this helps and feel free to reach out to me with any questions. I also have some teaching resources on my Teaching page.

Methods of Applied Mathematics

Helpful Documents​​

Methods Study Guide

Tested Topics



Comp "Solutions"


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Scientific Computing

Helpful Documents


Comp "Solutions"


Sci Comp
Job Hunting in Industry

These slides provide some information about job hunting (primarily in industry) and is specifically tailored for mathematicians. There is information on a broad variety of topics ranging from how to look for jobs, to how to have a successful interview and negotiate your offer.

Job Hunting
Applying to Grad School
Applying to Grad School

If you are here, you are probably thinking about applying to grad school. My brief presentation outlines advice and concise resources for anything from how to create a CV to deciding if grad school is the right move for you!

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